Take a look inside at what RSAK is doing to keep you safe

Here are a few of the changes and guidance you should expect as you prepare for your in-person training.

Important Highlights

In-Person Class Registration Info
Live Zoom and In-Person Class Schedule

Additional Updates & Guidelines

  • The studio (ie mats, restrooms, equipment, etc.) will follow strict cleaning guidelines and schedules recommended by the state of Massachusetts
  • We have already acquired the necessary supplies to prepare the studio for cleanliness before, during and in between classes.  This also includes all of the mats, equipment and high touch surfaces
  • Restrooms will be available to students only and will be cleaned several times per day.  Adequate soap and hand washing abilities will be provided and required by all students and staff
  • Hand sanitizer will also be available for students before and after class, and as they re-enter from any trips to the restroom
  • One way entrances and exits will be established to create safe and proper flow of students coming and going.  The air circulation within the studio will consist of central air including new filtration systems called iWave which work to increase the filtering out of dust, allergens, mold and viruses
  • The studio has eliminated any shared equipment and training areas to meet all distancing guidelines.  Students will all have designated work areas that only they are allowed in.  Proper spacing has also been added at entrance and lobby line-up areas.
  • Sign-in will be touch free with the safe assistance of our staff at the front desk
  • Students will be asked to enter the studio only under the direction of a staff member calling them in from the parking area once the previous class has exited and proper cleaning has taken place.  Students may line up on a pre-marked line in front of the building to allow for proper spacing and wait under the overhang of the building
  • Students should come fully dressed in their uniform and already have their belt on prior to entry
  • No bags of any kind will be permitted into the building.  Only exceptions would be if there is a weapon that a class is currently using, the students will be asked to bring their own weapon from home already sanitized
  • Bags, sparring gear, backpacks, etc should be left in your vehicle or home
  • Students will have their own work space (area) which will adhere to all social distancing requirements of 6 or more feet at a given time
  • There will be no shared equipment of any kind.  Students should bring their own water bottle for class, as the communal water fountain/bubbler will not be available until further notice.
  • There will be no contact of any kind between any of the students (ie. sparring, defense, partner workouts, etc.)

Face Masks

  • Face masks/coverings must be worn at all times when inside the studio (this includes entry/exit, restrooms and training space) by both staff and students.  Masks should adhere to government agency recommendations including covering both the mouth and nose and having a proper fit around the face.  Reusable masks should be washed/dried in heat after each use; or if disposable, discarded appropriately and not reused
  • Avoid touching your mask or face covering whenever possible and be sure to clean your hands properly before putting it on or taking it off
  • If for any reason a student or staff needs to remove the mask, they will be asked to do so outside the studio while maintaining a minimum of 6 feet of distance between them and any other person
  • Families will not be permitted to enter the facility, unless for emergency reasons, at any time.  This limits the number of people entering our facility and maximizes the safety and cleanliness for all of our students.  Parents may watch from the parking lots, but must still adhere to all social distancing guidelines at all times including those that pertain to mask usage and 6 foot distancing
  • Live streaming of all classes will take place for both students at home and for families who are waiting for their children at the studio.  We invite you to tune in with us during your child’s class from your vehicle
  • Restrooms are for students only
  • Drop off will no longer allow for curbside pull-up or drop off.  All families must park first in a designated parking space and then safely cross into the coned area where students will then make their way onto the pre-marked, 6 foot, spacing lines
  • Please be aware of students and families crossing into the coned area and we ask that all families triple check around their vehicle before pulling in and out of parking spots.  Please reduce speed pulling into lot and exiting lot
  • For the continued safety of our students and community, we ask that all family members or guardians bringing their children to class wear a mask when approaching the windows for viewing, drop-off, or pick-up. If you are going to view class through the windows within the coned area, all parties must be masked for the safety of others.  Also, please continue to appropriately social distance from others, maintaining 6 feet of separation.
  • All students will be required to pre-register for each class on a first come first serve basis using our software/website
  • Families will be asked to create a user account with this software.  In a few easy steps, you will be set up to register for your classes.  Students and families will also be required to fill out a brief liability and health screening survey each time they register for in-person classes using the website
  • We know we will be able to accommodate everyone for a minimum of 1 class in-person per week.  Please only register for 1 in-person class per week.  The new schedule for in person and live classes is now available through our website
  • Students will not be permitted into a class unless their name is on the corresponding pre-registration list
  • We kindly ask that you reserve your spot at the beginning of each week and if you need to cancel your pre-registration, you do so minimally 24 hours ahead of time by emailing us at info@rockysilvasamericankarate.com
  • The following week’s class can be reserved after your child’s class time begins on Monday the week before:
    • Little Champs can register at 3:45pm on Mondays for the following week
    • Basic Training can register at 4:00pm on Mondays for the following week
    • BBT1 can register at 5:00pm on Mondays for the following week
    • XMA can register at 5:45pm on Mondays for the following week
    • BBT2 can register at 6:00pm on Mondays for the following week
    • JR. CAND/NEW JR. BLACKS can register at 6:45pm on Mondays for the following week
    • JR. BLACKS can register at 7:00pm on Mondays for the following week
    • ADULTS can register at 7:45pm on Mondays for the following week
  • Our website has a how-to guide on how to set up your user account and register each week
  • Students attending 1 in-person class should supplement this with one live Zoom class per week

We will be offering a Hybrid Learning:

  • Zoom classes will be the live streaming of in person classes and will have a new schedule which is now available through our website.  You may join your class on Zoom with no pre-registration required
  • Students who opt not to attend in-person training may continue their training remotely by attending 2 Zoom classes each week
  • Students attending 1 in-person class per week should also supplement their training with 1 Zoom training per week
  • We will update everyone as soon as we have more information regarding the ability to have additional in-person classes