Mission Statement

Our mission is to operate the best possible martial arts programs for you to develop a healthy mind, body, and spirit while providing you with a friendly and nurturing environment.

We pledge to provide all the necessary knowledge and tools to make your journey through life a success. We measure your success not by the color of your belt, but rather by your character and personal growth. We promise to aid you in every way possible in accomplishing your goals and achieving Black Belt excellence in every aspect of your life.

We instill Black Belt principles such as Discipline, Focus and Indomitable Spirit in every one of our students. It is also our duty to develop the true leader in each of our students, providing them with the examples, encouragement and positive attitudes to become the best they can be.

Where We Come From

Rocky Silva’s American Karate is based on the Tae Kwon Do style of martial arts combined with the best from other styles including American Style Karate, Hapkido, Kickboxing and many others. The emphasis is on giving you the best tools available, as well as giving you the opportunity to learn many different styles and techniques.