Summer Programs

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Summer Programs

Take a look at all the exciting opportunities in-store for this summer!  Our Summer Week programs offer students and non-students alike the chance to improve their skills and enjoy all the fun that summer has to offer.  Register now by downloading the registration forms below and returning them to RSAK as soon as possible.  Our programs have limited space and are first come first serve basis.

Summer Fun Program

Summer Fun Week

July 30th – August 3rd

This is a fun and crazy spin on your picture perfect summer experience!  Summer Fun Week includes arts & crafts, candy sushi, games, martial arts training, movies on the big screen, themed days and adventures, barbecues, Palagi’s ice cream visits, tie dye t-shirts, ninja training, challenges, team activities and much more. These weeks are open to all students and non-students who are ages 7+.  Snacks and drinks are provided every day!

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Performance Summer Program

Performance Week

July 9th – July 13th

This action packed week will include all the high level performing arts including acting, advanced weapons training, tricks, advanced kicking, creative board breaking and more.  We will have our friend, Mr. Rosenthal, conduct specialty training throughout the week and will finish off the program with a massive demonstration for friends and family at the studio.  Mr. Rosenthal is a black belt at RSAK and has worked in areas of swordsmanship, fencing, acting, stage combat, stunt work and more.  Snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the week.  This week is for students only, who are going to be a green belt or higher by the start date of Performance Week.

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Star Wars Summer Program

Star Wars Week

July 16th – July 20th

Our first ever Star Wars themed week packed with everything you can imagine to awaken the FORCE in each of you.  We will be training students in the art of lightsaber combat with the help of our long time friend and instructor Mr. Rosenthal.  Students will take part in exciting games and challenges, have the chance to make their own lightsabers, watch many of the inspiring films, and so much more.  If you want to become a real Jedi, this is the program for you!

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Champs Summer Program

Champs Week

July 30th – August 3rd

This week is only for our 4, 5 and 6 year olds; both for students and non-students.  Whether your Little Champion is looking for summer fun, or your child has been waiting patiently to join but is still too young for classes, this is the perfect opportunity to keep them engaged in exciting, safe and educational training.  This special week includes arts & crafts, skills & drills, stories & lessons, fun snacks, movies, games, motor-skill challenges, Palagi’s ice cream, and more.  Snacks and drinks are provided each day for our participants.

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Joining Us for Summer Programs?

Step 1

Download the following registration form.

After downloading and filling out the form, be sure to save the document to your desktop (file>save as). Then you may uploaded that saved document to the form below or send via email.

All kids programs ages 7 and up

Summer Program Registration Form

Programs for 4, 5, and 6 year-olds

Summer CHAMPS Week Registration Form

Step 2

Email (, send with the below form, or return completed form to RSAK and confirm preferred payment method.

Preferred Payment Method:Check made payable to RSAKCashCredit Card on File

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