Dedicated to Charity & Philanthropy

“It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.”

― Albert Einstein

Body, Mind, and Spirit

Many students think first to develop their body and mind; but what about their Spirit? We find the true key to successful training and growth is to also develop the spirit of a black belt and the heart of a black belt in each of our students and families. Besides the daily principle and value-based discussions that we share with our students, we also believe in giving back to the world around us.

At RSAK, we teach children and adults to believe in something bigger than themselves. Rocky Silva’s American Karate is dedicated to charitable giving, philanthropic opportunities and volunteering. We partner with organizations that are dedicated to the same values and beliefs that we instill in our students. Here are just a few of the ways which RSAK is trying to make a difference in the world.

Kicking for Causes Logo

Kicking for Causes

Each year, RSAK and their students and families embark on a quest to raise money and awareness for important initiatives. Now in its 6th year of making breakthroughs, Kicking for Causes aims to help those in need by engaging youth and community members in active philanthropy across the region. By breaking a Kicking for Causes Karate Board, you are able to help several different non-profit organizations and support the power that martial arts has for children and families. Buy a board, make a breakthrough, believe in a cause that is worth fighting for! Kicking for Causes, founded by RSAK Program Director, Mr. Lazouras, has now helped raise over $130,000 for those in need. We have partnered in the past with organizations including The American Heart & Stroke Association, The Alzheimer’s Association, The American Cancer Society, Camp Surefire and many others. Kicking for Causes also helps facilitate self-defense clinics and trainings to better educate and raise confidence for those members of our community.

Would you like our help fundraising for your cause? Do you have questions about your specific event? Visit the Kicking for Causes to learn more or email us at for more info.

Helping the Less Fortunate

Every year during the holiday season, RSAK works closely with our neighboring faith based communities to raise important funds and item collections for those in need. Our friends at His Providence Church have kindly let us work with them over the past few years on their Bags of Hope campaign to help children in nearby adoption institutions.

Last year we helped raise several thousand dollars to aid in their incredible efforts, helping to provide goods and necessities to nearly 6,200 children in the nearby RI and MA areas. We also collect items and make donations each year to The Providence Rescue Mission which helps support the less fortunate or in-need families in our area.

Education Funding

Providing Equal Opportunity & Education Funding

As the new school year begins, RSAK partners with dozens of local public and private schools to help provide students with value adding extracurricular programming and simultaneously helping the local PTO/PTA organizations raise important funds to provide such programs to children of all ages.  We also volunteer to run educational seminars and classroom lectures which are both informative and engaging, each of which can be tailored to the specific curriculum areas that the school/teachers are looking to make improvements in.

If you are a member of your local PTO/PTA or are a teacher within the local community, we invite you to explore the opportunities for your own students which we can help facilitate and organize with little to no work on your part.  At RSAK, we understand the importance of having a well rounded education both inside and outside the classroom, and our mission is to share with as many students as we can reach, the benefits that martial arts training has for people of all ages and backgrounds.

RSAK Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets That Pack a Punch

We have donated hundreds of gift baskets to local schools, fundraisers, camps, workplace events, auctions and raffles over the past decade. These action packed gift baskets usually include a Complimentary Trial Program, student novelties, and training certificates which usually entitle the winner to a free month of lessons or private training seminar. Valued between $100-$200, each basket helps raise money for your cause or special event, while also providing a family or child with the opportunity to take part in real martial arts training. This great raffle or auction item can be picked up upon request, and can be catered specifically for your event’s needs.

To request a gift basket for your event please email RSAK at and include a flyer or event details to help determine eligibility. You can also call our staff at 508-336-6669 for more information.